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Carta reduces the cold and heavy feelings of traditional elder products. The structure without a seat makes the rollator lighter than a regular elderly walker and the curvy handles help users to sit in public seats around the neighborhood more easily, which makes the elders more willing to go out with it.



Design & Photograph


Elderly rollator

Chu-Hsuan, Chen



As people grow old in time, the flexibility of their physical condition decreases gradually. This is when the aid of an assistive walker is needed. However, some elderlies that would shut themselves in their house due to the feeling of unworthiness and uneasiness using walkers especially in public occasions; were shutting in cuts off the chances of carrying physical movement and socializing with the community, in which causing a bad effect on both psychological and physical health of elderlies.


Target user



Observed in the markets in Taipei City. Markets in downtown Taipei have been planned, and there are many seats located in the parks for residents to rest.



Shuanglian Market / Zhonglun Market / Binjiang Market
1. Near to residential zone
2. Convenient transportation

雙連市場 / 中崙市場 / 濱江市場
1. 鄰近住宅區
2. 交通便利


Remove the bulky seat, rethink how the form of the handle assists the user in standing and sitting, and made several 1:1 models to verify the angle and the proper way of gripping.


carta process-05-05.jpg

The handle bends to extend the grip position to assist the user to sit and get up.

The upper rail prevents the bag from moving backward and the lower rod supports the bottom of the bag.

The back side strap is attached with a magnetic buckle, and the bag can be fixed by bypassing the upper handle.


上橫桿防止袋子向後甩動, 下桿撐住袋子底部


Enjoy the pleasure of going out at ease.

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